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Nigeria is only able to supply power to half of its population of 198 million. Many communities are not connected to the national electricity grid altogether. Either they have very limited access to energy or only work with environmentally devastating fossil fuel.

Fossil fuel (power generating sets, e.g. with diesel) to generate electrical and mechanical energy is expensive, unsustainable, noisy, and health-threatening, which leaves these communities impoverished.

The challenge partner RA 365, a newly established Nigerian NGO, is on the big mission to leverage Artificial Intelligence for policymakers and funders to make the right decisions to contribute to a more positive future for these communities.

The challenge goal

You will help to improve the current situation by leveraging satellite imagery analysis in the following ways,

1. Build model(s) to classify regions based on the availability of sunlight and the performance index of solar panels.
2. Determine the communities, which are most in need of immediate action through building heatmaps that show consumption, cost, and lack of energy supply in certain areas.

In addition, due to the unavailability of portable water in many Nigerian communities, in this challenge, we will explore underwater signal analysis to detect the areas that are suitable for borehole drilling to save scarce resources from being wasted on futile endeavors.

Ademola Eric Adewumi


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